Sport In A Bag Initiative

On March 16, 2020, interactive sports came to a stop, and every plan we had in place ended. We decided if kids could not go and play sports, then we would bring sports to them. “Sport In A Bag” was created, and Lindy’s Locker hit the road!

In partnership with OSU LiFEsports, we traveled all across Ohio delivering our bags to children in need. Each one included a jump rope, a set of cones, and either a basketball, a football, or a soccer ball, and an instructional guide with drills to help children stay active. To date, we have traveled over 6,000 miles and served over 15,000 children. Remaining active, especially during times like these, is a crucial component in maintaining the physical and mental health of our youth.

Now, more than ever, kids need sports!


Sports may be cancelled, but kids still need equipment to stay active.

Just $25 gives Sport In A Bag to a kid in Central Ohio. Each bag includes a jump rope, set of cones, ball of their choice and drills to run at home.

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6,000 Over 6,000 miles traveled
15,000 Over 15,000 bags donated
$291,278 total dollars granted

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