Transforming Lives

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, volunteers and partners – we’ve been able to make some big impacts in our community. Read about some of our success stories here.

Miller Factory

Success Story

Meet Quentin Taylor, the director of JH1ELITE. His passion to help young lives through the game of basketball and life is why the Lindy Infante Foundation helps fund the team’s endeavors. We help make it possible for exemplary leaders and coaches like Quentin to provide a positive impact through sports.

Matt Lee // Team Director Resolute Lacrosse


“For many of our athletes, lacrosse provides additional opportunities to go to college. As the popularity of lacrosse has grown over the years, we have personally witnessed the financial burden that athletic dues can put on a family. Donations allow us to lessen these burdens and provide assistance so that we can maker sure every child has an opportunity regardless of their financial situation.”

Javohn Garcia

Success Story

Javohn Garcia is a player with heart. Since a young age, basketball has been the tool that’s helped shape him as an athlete and as a person. The Lindy Infante Foundation partners with the Miller Factory to create opportunities for young athletes like Javohn to crossover, not just in the game of basketball, but life.

Why Do Sports Matter?

10x Active kids are 10x less likely to be obese Aspen Institute Stats
15% Active kids are 15% more likely to go to college Aspen Institute Stats
40% Active kids have up to 40% higher test scores Aspen Institute Stats