Give Today to Impact a Life Tomorrow.

The opportunity to change a young life through sports is just a click away. Young student athletes are much less likely than non-athletes to be depressed. We pledge that 100% of every dollar you donate will be given to children in need. From the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of the Lindy Infante Foundation, thank you.

A study in 2013 revealed that fewer than one in three children ages 6-12 engaged in sports or fitness activities three times a week. Leveling the playing field so all kids, regardless of their zip code, have the opportunity to play sports is what drives the Foundation’s efforts. We have discovered that it takes a community of like-minded individuals, corporations, foundations and others to ensure all kids can get in the game!

Minority girls receive the fewest opportunities to play sports. To ensure more kids have this opportunity, the Infante family and the Lindy Infante Foundation Board of Directors have pledged to underwrite 100% of all operating costs of the Foundation.

What does this mean? It means every dollar of your donation goes directly to organizations whose program or mission aligns with giving more youth the opportunity to participate in sports. This allows us to spend donor dollars wisely.

How does this work? Through a thorough screening, metrics-driven grant-making philosophy, the Foundation finds, funds, and partners with the most effective youth sports programs in Central Ohio. We are focused on ensuring programs succeed and if improvement is needed we provide assistance. However if weak performance persists, we end support. Every misspent dollar is a missed opportunity to help get a child off the sidelines and level the playing field.

Donate now so more kids can get in the game.